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1. Do not touch your piercing unless you are going to clean it.

2. Wash your hands well before you proceed to clean your piercing.

3. Clean your piercing twice a day using a mild fragrance free liquid
soap, preferably antimicrobial or germicidal.

4. Rinse area to remove all of the soap from the piercing.

5. Using a q-tip, remove all moisture from area.

6. Shake bottle of H20 spray well. Then apply once to the pierced area.

7. Repeat this process until the piercing is healed or as instructed by piercer.

8. You should not change your piercing jewelry for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

9. Do not go into pools, jacuzzis or any area where clorox levels are high (beach is ok).


1. Remove the bandage as instructed by your artist (2 hours after the tattoo is done).

2. Wash the tattoo thoroughly with your hand using warm water and glycerine soap until you've removed all plasma and discharge from the area. Do not use lotion !!!

3. On the second day, wash the tattoo thoroughly again. Once in the morning and once at night. Do not use lotion !!!

4. On the third day, you can begin applying lotion to your tattoo in the morning by massaging it very well into the skin. 5 to 6 hours later,apply lotion to your tattoo again. In the evening wash your tattoo thoroughly. Continue this process everyday until the tattoo is healed. This promotes better peeling and healing.

5. DO NOT pick, scratch or touch the tattoo while it is healing.

6. Avoid soaking in water, sweating and sunlight.

7. Avoid exposure to gyms and hospitals.

Remember, how you take care of your new piercing or tattoo, determines how it will heal.

Any question or concerns call the studio and speak to our staff (786) 337-8286

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