G-Glitter Piercer/Tattooer

heartG has been the senior Piercer here at Dharma Tattoo Studio for 3 years, with over 14 years piercing experience and a huge selection of safe piercing-quality jewelry she is here to make your piercing experience as fun and pain free as possible. If you are looking for something special that she doesn’t have she even does custom orders! G does all her piercings as walk-ins, if you are a minor and would like a piercing please call the shop for further instructions.
G has accomplished becoming a tattooer here under the Dharma roof and has been honing her craft under the watchful eye of her “Oyabun” LocoDharma since 2016. She has been pursuing tattooing her entire career and was finally able to make it happen here at Dharma. G really began to fall in love with tattooing when she learned about some of the Japanese mythology and gangster traditions and how pioneering American Tattooers like Ed Hardy, and Sailor Jerry before him, incorporated Japanese tradition with an American twist. G likes to tattoo bright and bold designs inspired by both Japanese and American traditional work with her own quirky and animated twist.heart